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Danny Wong is an entrepreneur, marketer and writer. He works with startups & tech businesses. Find his clips on Entrepreneur, HuffPost, The Next Web, Salesforce.com, and ReadWrite, among others.

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2013 05 24 11.38.27 article

Best Advice: Sell Today Before There Is No Tomorrow

The man pictured above, is one of many vendors in Istanbul's overwhelming Grand Bazaar.

It was an early summer morning, and the crowds were only starting to pour into the market. My friends and I were his among his first customers of the day....

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Why Your Startup's Competitors Help More Than Hurt

“A new company just launched and they’re encroaching in on our space.”

Sound familiar?

That’s the weary pang of insecurity and self-doubt. As an entrepreneur, oftentimes, the biggest obstacle in your life is you, not your competitors. To fret about every new company encroaching in on your space is entirely self-defeating. In fact, many times, having competitors is a good thing. Here are three reasons why...