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I write abt marketing, media + tech

Danny Wong is an entrepreneur, marketer and writer. He works with startups & tech businesses. Find his clips on Entrepreneur, HuffPost, The Next Web, Salesforce.com, and ReadWrite, among others.

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Open uri20140722 30841 13wa4dl article
35 Enviable Brands That Blow Content Marketers Away

It’s a free-for-all out there.

These days, competition for audience attention is intense — and in some cases, cutthroat.

Some of the world’s most respected brands have decided, instead of noisily shouting their marketing message at the top of their lungs, to pursue more subtle campaigns that drawn in consumers.

Hidden sales opportunities header article
5 Ways to Find Hidden Sales Opportunities Within Your Network

Some suggest it is uncouth to sell to family and friends. Generally, salespeople prefer to provide their goods and services to strangers to ensure a strict separation between their personal and professional lives. However, pre-established relationships are a gold mine for salespeople, and leads are plentiful within your personal, professional, and social networks.

Open uri20140519 3833 5idw55 article
YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn Drive The Most Engaged Referrals

We spend a ton of time using social media. But what is our behavior post-click, when we actually interact with a link one of our friends shared socially?

Open uri20140410 9109 pftepo article
How to Fix These 3 Bad Marketing Habits

We marketers sometimes don't always get it right.

We buy ad space on sites that look pretty. We giggle with glee when someone tweets about our product. We let out a victory cry when we are mentioned in the news. But often, marketers forget to ask the question: What will this do for our business?

Content promotion strategies header article
7 Content Promotion Strategies That Drive Traffic, Leads, and Sales

An editorial strategy without distribution disappoints brands and marketers invested in the thoughtful creation and production of quality content.

Improve interdepartmental collaboration break silos article
How to improve interdepartmental collaboration

Let's be frank: accounts, engineering, marketing, and sales all often have a hard time understanding one another, even if they "get along" just fine.

O young businesswomen shopping facebook article
The Future of Fashion: Menswear

In an ironic twist, although men admittedly don't like shopping, it is menswear that is outpacing womenswear growth.
A recent Euromonitor International report stated the menswear market last year increased 4.5% to $440 billion while womenswear only increased by 3.7%. This seems to be driven by many cultural shifts. With the proliferation of the internet, and ever-increasingly liberal returns policies, shopping has become more frictionless.

Raising Money For Your Startup? Remember, It's A Process - Forbes

When Blank Label first started thinking about raising money in 2013, the company had traction — probably enough to successfully raise money — but we didn’t know how to do it. These are the steps we wish we knew then, and what we have learned as we raised our first $1 million and continue to grow.

Agencies working with contractors telecommuters consultants remote workers1 article
3 secret weapons for handling internal conflicts

Managers accustomed to a 9-to-5 office environment often have a tough time adjusting their behavior to effectively utilize telecommuters.

Scientific ways boost productivity 620x350 article
9 scientifically proven ways to be more productive

No matter how you cut it, we only have 24 hours in a day—and far fewer working hours. While a great deal can be achieved during your business day, there always seems to be more things to do and less time to do them.

Here are nine scientifically-backed hacks to help you be more productive.

Brooklyn bridge 798x310 article
16 Surprising Things You Learn When Starting a Business

Starting a business is one of the most challenging, yet most fulfilling things you could ever do. In the process of starting up and growing a company you learn a wide variety of new things, including – but not limited to....

U haul checkout article
8 Psychological Principles to Increase Your Upsells and Cross-Sells

Most estimates suggest it costs five to seven times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an old one. Yet a majority of marketing budgets are allocated towards user acquisition over loyalty. As a store owner, increasing average customer lifetime value and order totals are among the smartest business decisions you will ever make.

Opportunities improving collaboration 620x350 article
Hidden opportunities for improving collaboration in 2015

People are inherently selfish. It’s the human condition.

As we start to realize our personal limitations, we recognize how crucial collaboration is for long-term success. This is especially important in business.

With the New Year already in motion, we turned to a few entrepreneurs and experts with the simple question: How do you encourage, enhance and streamline collaboration?

Marketing challenges mobile environment 620x350 article
3 Marketing Challenges In An Increasingly Mobile World

People are fickle, even more so since we’ve become an increasingly “now” society. That attitude, of course, is reinforced by mobile apps like Uber, Instacart and TaskRabbit, all of which provide on-demand services for the “now” consumer. That said, the convenience of the World Wide Web at consumers’ fingertips creates endless possibilities for businesses to engage highly valued audiences. The question is: How?

Account manager mistakes 620x350 article
The 3 worst mistakes account managers make

The first mistake you ever make on the job may leave you devastated.

Will the client notice? Can I cover my tracks? Am I getting fired?

The questions haunt you as you desperately look for the silver lining. In any industry, professional blunders are all too common. Among account managers, there are a few recurring themes which, when addressed, may help the next generation of reps to better serve their clients.