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Danny Wong

New York, NY
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I write abt marketing, media + tech

Danny Wong is the co-founder of Blank Label (@blanklabel), a luxury menswear company. He also does marketing at Shareaholic (@shareaholic), and is an infrequent writer.

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Open uri20140722 30841 13wa4dl article
35 Enviable Brands That Blow Content Marketers Away

It’s a free-for-all out there.

These days, competition for audience attention is intense — and in some cases, cutthroat.

Some of the world’s most respected brands have decided, instead of noisily shouting their marketing message at the top of their lungs, to pursue more subtle campaigns that drawn in consumers.

Samsung mobile vine article
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Content Marketing in 2013

Before we ring in the new year, we wanted to reflect on key trends in content marketing in 2013. Here are 25 of the best and the worst trends in content.

M age instructables social mobile buying featured article
Millennial Shopping Habits: How Brands Can Activate and Engage Social Buyers

In an increasingly mobile world, video works – and brands need to be prepared to deliver beautiful, frustration-free and native experiences on any device.

Open uri20140424 32236 1bwqhjy article
11 Lessons I Learned at Startups That Keep Me Up at Night ...

Being an entrepreneur is a frightening experience. You’re constantly faced with challenges that frequently put you on edge.
Here is a (relatively) short list of things that easily kept me up at night...

Brooklyn bridge 798x310 article
16 Surprising Things You Learn When Starting a Business

Starting a business is one of the most challenging, yet most fulfilling things you could ever do. In the process of starting up and growing a company you learn a wide variety of new things, including – but not limited to....

Better products through collaboration conflict resolution 620x350 article
How to build better products by aligning conflicting interests

If engineers had it their way, they’d develop a wide variety of tools no one cared about. When marketers and salespeople finally have their say, the company builds a product that is commercially viable, but fails basic usability tests....

Open uri20140410 9109 pftepo article
How to Fix These 3 Bad Marketing Habits

We marketers sometimes don't always get it right.

We buy ad space on sites that look pretty. We giggle with glee when someone tweets about our product. We let out a victory cry when we are mentioned in the news. But often, marketers forget to ask the question: What will this do for our business?

Job hacks better collaboration 620x350 article
7 hacks to collaborate better and advance your career

Top performers in any firm are not necessarily the longest-tenured or most-qualified.

Usually, their uncanny ability to sidestep obstacles, leverage professional relationships and exceed expectations is not the result of devoted training, specialized education or unfair privilege. In fact, the most surprising success stories come from individuals who’ve utilized non-traditional methods for problem-solving to achieve greater goals faster.

Open uri20140722 2679 uufhdj article
How Native Advertising Is Redefining the Digital Marketing Landscape

Is native advertising evil? and is it more than just the latest fad in an industry, ironically, dying for attention?

As controversial is it may be, I can think of dozens of other things more worthy of the label "evil." Native advertising doesn't even come close. Also, as trendy as it may seem, branded content is here to stay.

Social media traffic referrals july 2014 graph article
Report: Facebook Drives 23.39% of Overall Visits to Sites

Facebook is the social network to end all social networks. At least, we have a bit of evidence to support that claim.

Visual storytelling article
12 Reasons The Best Brands Blog

For brands, publishing has historically been reserved for journalists.

Nowadays, brand publishers are as prolific as social media strategists, PPC experts and advertising gurus. But there are still plenty of naysayers, skeptical about blogging’s potential and unclear about how producing content will impact their overall business goals.

Open uri20140722 28875 ettbh6 article
App Design Basics: HTML5 vs. Native

The mobile landscape offers both opportunity and challenge.

This year, nearly one-in-four people across the globe will be a smartphone user, according to a report by eMarketer. By 2017, smartphones will be in the hands of more than one-third of individuals around the world.

For many users, their mobile device is their primary instrument for digital activity and web browsing.

The m age instructables from etsy to kickstart featured article
What Is the Maker Movement and Why Should You Care?

Driven by passion, funded through websites and customers, the modern-day maker develops items she has always wanted and distributes those goods to an eager audience.

Live to read article
11 Brilliant Marketing Books to Pack in Your Beach Bags

If you have any upcoming holiday or travel plans, be sure to pick up (or download) one of these reads before you go. In no time, you’ll find yourself thinking like a world-class marketing expert.

Open uri20140722 21256 fu6ms4 article
6 Tips for Improving Social Media CTRs

Likes, favorites, shares, and retweets are fine and dandy, but if you are not somehow driving traffic to your site, then what’s the point?