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Danny Wong is an entrepreneur, marketer and writer. He works with startups & tech businesses. Find his clips on Entrepreneur, HuffPost, The Next Web, Salesforce.com, and ReadWrite, among others.

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Rock crowd article

How to Staff, Organize and Manage a Rockstar Sales Team

To maintain a high-performance culture at the office, Barbara Corcoran, founder of real-estate giant Corcoran Group, routinely fired her firm’s biggest under-performers.
In a blog post on her LinkedIn Influencer column, Corcoran wrote, “I established a firm policy at the Corcoran Group to clean out the bottom 25 percent of our commissioned sales force each year.”
This strategy is aptly named: “Shoot the dogs early.”

Upsell cover1 article

3 Simple Ways to Upsell Your Services

The most successful businesses owe most of their revenues to one little secret: An ambitious, high-impact sales team.

Teams like these continue selling to clients long after they’ve sealed an initial deal.

Sales drip campaigns1 article

7 Best Practices for Optimizing Sales Drip Campaigns

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are often called “marketing automation” tools, but they really can transform the sales process. In entrepreneurial and startup companies where sellers must wear a marketing hat, too, automated email marketing acts like an extra pair of hands. But, even with a large sales team, the use of email marketing best practices can keep opportunities from slipping through the cracks.