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Danny Wong

I write abt marketing, media + tech

Danny Wong is an entrepreneur, marketer and writer. He works with startups & tech businesses. Find his clips on Entrepreneur, HuffPost, The Next Web, Salesforce.com, and ReadWrite, among others.

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How Two Websites Turn Smiles Into Pageviews | The Mozy Blog

You own a business, website and/or blog, yet the adage “build it and they will come” does not always seem to apply. Indeed, driving uniques, repeat visits and page views is extremely challenging. Successful sites demonstrate that you can make it work by making people smile.

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What’s it like inside the highly selective, invite-only Young Entrepreneur Council?

The exclusive founders-only club is not shy about n...

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Unlock the potential of incentives with Kiip

People love free stuff. Giveaways, samples, kitschy...

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Two services and tools to keep up with the growing photo sharing economy

Web and mobile usage trends are moving fast. Really...

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Vizify, a new way to recruit and visualize candidates

If you are a small business that is hiring, you may...

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Get action-oriented with analytics from Spinnakr

For years, digital marketers have told businesses w...

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Cleaning up your life with digital feng shui

It’s hard to let go, believe me.
I’ve clung onto files I’ll never use with the firm belief that they’ll be useful one day.
I’m totally gonna need that A+ essay I wrote in 10th grade on “Six Characters...

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Uninterrupted Work Flow in 3 Virtual Offices over 3 Different Continents

Imagine working on your laptop in a coffee shop where the barista only speaks Mandarin.
Living in Shanghai, China is unlike any other experience. But working in a foreign country doesn’t necessarily h...

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How the Cloud Makes Travel Easy

I’ve climbed the Great Wall in Beijing, China. I’ve played with elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I’ve swam the shores of Punta del Este, Uruguay. And I’ve wandered the concrete jungle that is Buenos...

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WiseRadar, your startup’s most important newspaper

In the news! Yahoo acquires Qwiki , buys Bignoggins , and will live-stream this year’s Emmy Awards . But wait!
Ask yourself: Should I read this?
Unless you are Google, you probably can’t spare the tim...


Make your (or somebody else’s) side projects happen via Sideprojectors

If you’re a creative type, you may have an endless list of world-changing projects that you have brainstormed, blueprinted and prototyped.

If you’re a businessperson, you are probably capable of executing and growing great projects, but are short on things-to-build.....