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Danny Wong is an entrepreneur, marketer and writer. He works with startups & tech businesses. Find his clips on Entrepreneur, HuffPost, The Next Web, Salesforce.com, and ReadWrite, among others.

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Business travel productivity article

How to be more productive while traveling for business

Last year, the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) estimated that employers spent $1.25 trillion on business travel. Though the allure of a jet-setting lifestyle may appeal to some, the reality can be quite awful.

Business sensitivity training 1 article

Does sensitivity training actually work?

There are unpleasant truths many businesses must be prepared to confront before they can truly start talking about “a culture of collaboration.”

Taking sides settling debates article

How (and when) to take sides and still be a good collaborator

Conflict curtails productivity. In the U.S., employees spend 2.8 hours per week dealing with conflict at work, according to CPP Global’s Human Capital Report. But its negative effects do not end there.

Blog managing egos article

How collaboration pros learned to set their egos aside

Relations between marketing and sales are sometimes strained. Brand partnerships sometimes deteriorate after a heated argument. Vendor arrangements can fall apart, too, at the slightest offense. And despite good intentions, some messages can be misinterpreted as insult.

Agency onboarding leader follower article

How onboarding impacts client success

To make their lives easier, creative agencies should frontload their customer service efforts. By handholding clients through the onboarding process, agencies familiarize their customers with how they operate, what to expect, best practices for communication, and more.

Blog deal w stress article

Crushing deadlines: a pro's guide to prioritization and time management

Professionals everywhere struggle with efficient time management. Prone to procrastination, they wait until the last hour to get things done. I, similarly, find myself working late hours not because I’m overburdened with work but because I fail to keep my priorities in check.

Open vacation policy pros cons article

Debating the open vacation policy

“Unlimited” paid time off (PTO) is increasingly popular among smaller businesses and startups, but is also now used by big corporations looking to gain an edge in recruiting. The message: take as much time off as needed to relax and recharge, no questions asked.

Turn maybe into yes client approvals article

5 tips for turning a client's "maybe" into a "yes"

Clients sometimes sabotage their own success. When they reject thoughtfully crafted deliverables or hesitate to pursue bigger projects, they impact an agency’s billings and may unintentionally hinder their own progress, victims of their own indecision.

Cmo leaving corporations for startups article

A CMO’s guide to transitioning to a startup

For accomplished professionals, the allure of working at a startup is powerful. This is especially true for individuals who have spent decades building their careers at large corporations.

Collaborating with competitors article

The Case For Conspiring With Your Competition

In February 2012, Rand Fishkin and Dharmesh Shah came together for what some believed to be an unlikely partnership.

Reject customer feedback build brand loyalty article

How to reject customer demands but still build brand loyalty

As your company grows, customers will demand more and more from your products and services. While most entrepreneurs generally will do nearly anything to please and retain customers, and while smart businesses are always keeping ears to the ground for new customer insights, wise managers know that they will have to make tough choices about actually taking action on this feedback. Communicating these choices to customers can be uncomfortable, but can also be an opportunity to make customers feel satisfied, validated and more loyal than ever to your brand.

Data driven marketing article

How data-driven marketers are saving the day

Data-driven content tends to outperform traditional marketing. Here are five noteworthy examples to inspire your next campaign.

How agencies can increase bookings article

12 ways agencies can increase their billings

Most CEOs or managing directors intent on increasing revenue think “MORE.” More clients. More projects. Unfortunately, more is not always better.

7 things that keep marketers from marketing article

7 things that keep marketers from doing marketing

Stuff happens. For marketers, that stuff often derails them from focusing on the most fun and most impactful parts of their jobs.

Product collaboration with sales marketing article

Why marketing and sales must collaborate with product

As a business grows, it is important that departments within the organization actively work together to help achieve mutual long-term goals. But…how?